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ABCSG 63 / ERIKA (Elacestrant and RIbociclib in Ki67-tested endocrine responsive breAst cancer) trial to start study recruitment in Q2 2024!

ABCSG 63 is an innovative, investigator-initiated trial in its final set-up phase, to be conducted in Austria and Germany under the academic sponsorship of ABCSG, and at approximately 18 trial sites with the recruitment target of 120 patients.

It is designed as an open label, two-arm, two-step, randomized, phase II study in endocrine-responsive HER-2 negative early breast cancer patients. The present study plans to evaluate the therapeutic potential and the safety of a combination of the orally available SERD elacestrant and the CDK4/6 inhibitor ribociclib. The primary study endpoint is defined as the proportion of the PEPI score of 0 at the time of surgery.

Given the exciting study design, ABCSG and the study’s collaborative partners are eager to initiate this new research project, once again leaving a strong academic footprint in the current clinical trial landscape for the benefit of breast cancer patients.

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