CDK4/6 inhibition in early breast cancer

CDK4/6 inhibition in early breast cancer – Recent data and controversies?

Date: 08.11.2023
Start/End: 05.30 – 07.00 pm (CET)
Location: virtual


In this international ABCSG webinar that is co-sponsored by EliLilly and Novartis, we welcome internationally renowned breast cancer experts Eva Carrasco from Spain and Stephen Johnston from UK – we are excited that they will present and discuss the most recent data of the pivotal adjuvant CDK4/6 studies monarchE and NATALEE for us.

The aim of the webinar is not only to learn about the clinical trial results, the adjuvant treatment options with CDK4/6 inhibitors, and the clinical consequences for everyday practice, but also to discuss the related controversies and current and future implications for early breast cancer patients and healthcare systems.

A discussion panel including ABCSG-experts Marija BalicGabriel RinnerthalerRupert Bartsch, and Christian Singer will interpret the data together with our distinguished guest speakers – ABCSG President Michael Gnant will host the webinar, and lead through the Q&A from the audience.

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