Status: Treatment Phase & Follow-up

Aiming to understand the molecular aberrations in metastatic breast cancer: The AURORA program

Coordinating Investigator: Marija Balic (Graz)
Start of study: 09/2014 (global), 12/2018 (national)
Sample size: 2.000
Sponsor: BIG

Description and status:

The ABCSG 51 / AURORA program is dedicated to researching the molecular characteristics of locally recurrent / advanced and metastatic breast cancer not amenable to treatment with curative intent. For this purpose, the tumor and blood samples of participants are assessed for tumor heterogeneity, clonal evolution and transcriptional changes using high-throughput sequencing technologies (NGS). In addition, biomarkers of response and resistance to systemic therapies are evaluated with the help of genomic and transcriptomic data. The first AURORA manuscript was published in June 2021 [Aftimos et al., Cancer Discovery (2021)]. Recruitment of new participants was closed in February 2021. Until the end of 2022, 1.161 patients had been included globally, out of which 18 patients were recruited in the participating Austrian trial sites.

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