magazine of european medical 1/2024, Volume 17

The future of clinical trials – goals, ideas, and discussion


ABCSG opinion paper published in the latest issue of “memo”
magazine of european medical oncology 1/2024, Volume 17

In this state-of-the-art summary and opinion paper, we explore how improvements can be implemented into the current practice of clinical trial design, conduct, and reporting.

Based on practical perspectives and the ABCSG’s experience from decades of internationally successful clinical and translational breast cancer research, we discuss both the medical, clinical, and operational perspectives of clinical trials.

Our article underscores the critical importance of prioritizing patient-relevant issues in clinical research. We outline a range of topics and contemporary methods aimed at achieving this goal, supported by real-world cases:

  • Patient-centric approach and less restrictive trial designs
  • Decentralization and regional/institutional diversity for better patient engagement
  • Involvement and education of diverse healthcare teams
  • Digitalization and artificial intelligence
  • Translational research and biomarker-guided therapy
  • Trends in clinical statistics and trial designs
  • Regulations and funding of academic research
  • Building professional operational structures

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