Task Force Pancreas
of the ABCSG

Founding of the Task Force Pancreas September 2010 in Linz

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Pancreatic Cancer Unit Vienna

Task Force Pancreas

An essential element of the success of the ABCSG is the interdisciplinary collaboration of physicians from a wide variety of disciplines. Surgeons, internal oncologists, gynecologists, radiotherapists, histopathologists, radiologists and, if necessary, physicians from other disciplines work together to find new answers to important diagnostic and therapeutic questions about various types of cancers. For years, studies on breast and colorectal cancer have been the main focus. Due to the high medical need, the ABCSG has also been conducting studies on pancreatic cancer since 2013.

Although pancreatic cancer is only the 11th most common cancer, it ranks 4th in terms of tumor-related deaths. The goal of the task force is to conduct targeted national phase I, II and III studies in pancreatic cancer.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Martin Schindl, Head of the Pancreas Task Force of the ABCSG and the Pancreatic Cancer Unit of Medical University Vienna: martin.schindl@meduniwien.ac.at

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