Großes Interesse beim Workshop zu klinischer Forschung in Ghana


Natalija Frank, MPH, Executive Manager from the Comprehensive Cancer Center Vienna and Head of the ABCSG’s Study Nurses & Coordinators Forum as well as President of the Austrian Professional Association for Study Assistants, Study Nurses & Coordinators (ÖBVS), was invited to give a one-day workshop on the practical conduct of clinical trials at the University of Accra (Ghana) in mid-May 2018.

The workshop was very well attended and the event also received great media coverage. Local radio and television stations made several reports on this training, which is evidence of the great interest in bringing more research to the country. Natalija Frank on the project: “It was a very educational experience and an important one for me. I think that the collaboration will continue, because there are already further invitations. For the young doctors and scientists there, research is a promising field for the overall development of the region.”

On the occasion, the awareness project “#TheEyeOfGuardian” by PAN – NGO for adolescents and young adults with oncological diseases was also presented by educating about the human body and the most common diseases, such as HIV, diabetes or cancer, with short, animated films by The Animated PatientTM in a tent set up especially for this purpose, inspired by Manfred Kielnhofer’s “Guardian of Time” sculptures.

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