UK Trade Commissioner and ABCSG Visit AstraZeneca: Focus on Breast Cancer Research


The ABCSG, represented by its President, Prof. Michael Gnant, was invited to a meeting with the British Trade Commissioner for Europe, Chris Barton, at the new Austrian headquarters of the Anglo-Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca on March 19.

The meeting gave Prof. Gnant the opportunity to present the importance of clinical trials and the achievements and potential of the ABCSG, and to discuss with Chris Barton the successful collaboration between industry and academic partners such as the ABCSG.

Together, the ABCSG and AstraZeneca highlighted the central role of clinical trials in medical research and healthcare innovation.

Prof. Gnant emphasized the importance of collaborations for research in Austria: “Collaboration between academic centers and the pharmaceutical industry plays a central role in advancing innovative treatments. Through these partnerships – transparent and at eye level – we can ensure that promising approaches quickly find their way into clinical practice and thus improve the lives of patients”.

Filippo Fontana, Managing Director, AstraZeneca Austria: “Research into breast cancer, the most common cancer in women, is of enormous importance. Our leading role with a total of 13 new clinical trials, including 8 in breast cancer, in Austria last year demonstrates our commitment to developing innovative therapies that can significantly improve the lives of patients. We focus on areas of high medical need. Collaborating with medical research organizations such as the ABCSG is an essential part of this”.

Chris Barton’s high-profile visit to AstraZeneca together with the ABCSG underlines the importance of medical research in Austria. Despite its size, Austria stands out in international cancer research, particularly through studies such as those conducted by the ABCSG in collaboration with its industrial partners.

We would like to thank AstraZeneca and the British Embassy in Vienna for organizing this exciting exchange!

Fotos © Martin Hörmandinger Photography

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