Breast Cancer Now Catalyst Programme Grants

Breast Cancer Now Catalyst Programme Grants


The Breast Cancer Now Catalyst Programme will bring together Europe’s leading breast cancer researchers and the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies to pool resources and stop women dying from breast cancer by 2050.

Breast Cancer Now is inviting Expressions of Interest from researchers across the UK and Europe who are interested in investigating Pfizer drugs alone or in combination with other agents that address problems in breast cancer.

We are looking to fund innovative clinical research proposals but would also welcome proposals from groups working in preclinical research.

Grants are available in awards of up to £400,000, or up to £1.5 million for larger studies of exceptional potential.

We will accept proposals from teams based at a single site or multiple sites in the UK and the rest of Europe. They may address a range of questions around a common theme, or undertake research using several Pfizer drugs, or support multi-centre phase II clinical studies.

As well as providing substantial funding for research grants, Pfizer are providing access to a number of its licensed and investigational drugs that may be useful for treating breast cancer.

To apply, please visit  

The deadline for applications is 13 April 2018.

If you have any queries:
Phone: 020 7025 2465

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