Publikationen 2004

Assessment of HER-2/neu status in core needle biopsy of 215 patients with primary breast cancer

Taucher S, Rudas M, Gnant M, Kandioler D, Dubsky P, Roka S, Bachleitner T, Mittlboeck M, Steger G, Jakesz R

Wiener Klinische Wochenschrift 2004 Jan 31;116(1-2):26-31.

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Zoledronic acid effectively counteracts cancer treatment in induced bone loss (CTIBL) in premenopausal breast cancer patients receiving adjuvant endocrine treatment with goserelin plus anastrozole versus goserelin plus tamoxifen – bone density subprotocol results of a randomized multicenter trial (ABCSG-12)

Gnant M, Jakesz R, Mlineritsch B, Luschin-Ebengreuth G, Schmid M, Menzel C, Kubista E, Samonigg H, Hausmaninger H

San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium

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Amenorrhoea, aromatase inhibitors, tamoxifen or a combination in premenopausal women

Jakesz R

European Journal of Cancer Supplements 2,9 (2004) 51-53.

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Prognostic value of lymphangiogenesis and lymphovascular invasion in invasive breast cancer

Schoppmann SF, Bayer G, Aumayr K, Taucher S, Geleff S, Rudas M, Kubista E, Hausmaninger H, Samonigg H, Gnant M, Jakesz R, Horvat R

Annals of Surgery 2004 Aug;240(2):306-12.

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6 vs. 3 Cycles of epirubicin/docetaxel + G-CSF in operable breast cancer: Results of ABCSG-14

Steger G, Kubista E, Hausmaninger H, Gnant M, Tausch C, Lang A, Samonigg H, Galid A, Jakesz R

American Society of Clinical Oncology

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The impact of progesterone receptor in prediction of complete pathological response to preoperative chemotherapy in primary breast cancer patients

Taucher S, Rudas M, Gnant M, Dubsky P, Sporn E, Roka S, Bachleitner T, Fitzal F, Kandioler D, Wenzel C, Steger G, Draxler W, Mittlböck M, Jakesz R

European Surgery (2004) 36/1: 41-45.

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